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29 Jul, 2015
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Dance, Chillout, Downtempo & Nu Jazz

  • Dance Music at Aardvark

Dance music, Electronica and Nu Jazz lays at the heart of Aardvark Records. While you won't find any Hip Hop, Rap or Urban on our roster, there's plenty of Ambient, Breaks, Chillout, Downtempo, Drum and Bass, Electro, Electro House, House, Minimal, Progressive House, PsyTrance, Techno, Trance and World Dance music for you to enjoy. 

From the platinum-selling EricM and Yahel to new chart toppers David Koonen, Duneflyer and Timeliner to underground heroes Chris Hale and Zetan Spore - we still get a buzz from millions of people around the globe finding and loving our dance and electronic music releases.

Our sounds run the gamut from euphoric to edgy to outright darkness. It's music for the heart, the body and the mind.  


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  • Ambient Chillout & Downtempo
  • Breaks & Drum and Bass
  • Commercial & Euro Dance
  • Goa
  • House Music

Ambient, Chillout and Downtempo at Aardvark aren’t mere background sounds. They set a mood, a vibe or an atmosphere.  Our tracks engage without interrupting the flow or dynamic of whatever else is happening in the room.  They enhance. 

Whether it’s glamorous, chic and stylish sounds you’re after; or  something sophisticated; perhaps restrained and subdued; or lush world ambient music…we’ve got it. 

Click here for Ambient, Chillout & Downtempo music @ Aardvark 

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We like non-conformist breaks, drum and bass and dubstep music. We don't like to be spoon fed – we like tracks that challenge us…even if that means bumping us from our comfort zone. And we really dig breaks, drum and bass and dubstep that push the boundaries…producing sounds that aren’t ‘now’ but indications of what’s around the corner.Deep , dark, delicious …and sometimes disturbing.

The beats at Aardvark aren't thoroughbreds. Our drum and bass, breaks and dubstep artists fuse sounds as well as genres. It's kind of like cross-pollination. It’s what keeps these sounds fresh, innovative and unique. Purists will hate them. We make no apologies. Adventurers, however, should enjoy the trip. Plug in…and play it loud.

Click here for Breaks & Drum and Bass music @ Aardvark 


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Call it what you will – Eurodance, Nu NRG, Commercial Dance or Eurodisco – over the years we’ve occasionally signed tracks that bear a distinctly European dance music vibe.  They’re fun, upbeat and make us think of certain London nightclubs from the 80s and early 90s.  

Good times and good vibes – and our Euro tracks bring it al back.

Click here for Commercial & Eurodance music @ Aardvark 

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From the days of Goa Gil, South Anjuna Beach and Arambol – we've never lost our love of Goa trance music. It was all about the freedom, exploration, innerspace out outer fun. Our relationship with this genre hasn't changed must since the late 80s. A great bit of Goa still gives us shivery post-orgasmic chills and goose bumps. Winston Churchill famously said "We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender." If he'd ever encountered Goa, it might have been something like this "We shall make love on the beaches and in the dunes, laugh on the shore, we shall think good thoughts in the fields and the streets, and play on the hills; we shall never surrender our Goa." That’s what we love about Goa. Even with the darkest Goa, there is a little light.

Click here for Goa music @ Aardvark 

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Our house music releases cover the spectrum: house, electro house, euro house, hard house, tech house, progressive house with a bit of minimal house thrown in for good measure. Here at Aardvark HQ, we like our house music a bit groovy, a bit funky and a little bit dirty. Regardless of the sub-genre, if it gets the pelvis and hips moving and a-shakin', it's a sound that gets our attention. And passion – the music has to have passion. And that's one of the main things we love about our house music releases. Passion…and our artists' love of playing with the genre: bending some rules here with a bit of fusion there. It keeps their sounds fresh and unique. If you're a house music aficionado, stop by and check out the sounds. There's a little something for everyone.

Click here for House music @ Aardvark Records

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  • Minimal
  • Nu Jazz
  • Psytrance
  • Techno & Technotrance
  • Trance

The thing that we love most about quality Minimal EDM music is the challenge producers face in giving stripped down tracks personality and charisma. The minimal experience doesn’t have to be like listening to paint dry or a four hour lectures on sub-atomic particle attraction. 

Cool, sultry, evocative and groovy – the minimalism we’ve signed means something to us.  We hope you enjoy the sounds as much as we do.

Click here for Minimal EDM music @ Aardvark Records

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Nu Jazz at Aardvark Records is more than just simply easy listening. Smooth, for sure. Easy? No chance. We love the fusion of funk, soul, electronic dance music, and free improvisation that come together in Nu Jazz. Call it what you will - electronic jazz, electro-jazz, e-jazz, jazztronica, jazz house, phusion, neo-jazz, future jazz or jazz-hop - we just love the rich, earthy sounds, the vibe, the real instruments our artists use, the rhythms and the emotion behind the music.

Click here for Nu Jazz music @ Aardvark Records

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Psytrance for Aardvark is all about hypnotic arrangements, deep and tribal rhythms, intricate layered melodies and high tempo riffs. Our psytrance artists cover a variety of moods, tempos and styles. You'll find a mix of full on psy as well as dark, progressive, suomi, psybreaks and psybient sounds. Our love of psytrance is based on its energy, PLUR, the underlying narrative – and the journey this genre music takes us on. So plug in and play – it's magic carpet time.

Click here for Psytrance music @ Aardvark Records

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One of the things we love about Techno and Technotrance is while they borrow from the past, these genres live in the here-and-now.  They also look to the future. And last, but by no means least, lovers of techno and technotrance are a kind of family. A community brought together by a love of incredible and deeply moving music, deeply moving melodies and pounding rhythms and beats. 

Here at Aardvark’s dance division, we’ve been lovers of techno, trance, technotrance music since the 80s and find  it hard to imagine life or a clubbing scene without these sounds, these beats and these inspirations.

We hope you love these sounds as much as we do.

Click here for Techno & Technotrance music @ Aardvark Records

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From light to dark, euphoric to disturbed and galactic to the downright earthly – Trance music at Aardvark covers a lot of ground. Whether it’s unashamedly populist or a (very) acquired taste, the artists we sign tend to steer away from the cookie cutter trance factory conveyor belt. Welcome to our Wide World of Trance.

Click here for Trance music @ Aardvark Records

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