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House Music downloads

Our house music releases cover the spectrum: house, electro house, euro house, hard house, tech house, progressive house with a bit of minimal house thrown in for good measure. Here at Aardvark HQ, we like our house music a bit groovy, a bit funky and a little bit dirty. Regardless of the sub-genre, if it gets the pelvis and hips moving and a-shakin', it's a sound that gets our attention. And passion – the music has to have passion. And that's one of the main things we love about our house music releases. Passion…and our artists' love of playing with the genre: bending some rules here with a bit of fusion there. It keeps their sounds fresh and unique. If you're a house music aficionado, stop by and check out the sounds. There's a little something for everyone.

Electro House Artists

  • Addicted Craze
  • Daagard & Morane
  • Deejay Advance
  • Giorno
  • Ken Newby (Meken)
  • Laanga

Addicted CrazeAddicted Craze is the Electro House German DJ and Producer Sascha Knodel's (aka Sonera) alter ego.

With sounds more at home in Turnmills (London) than Sonera’s affinity with venues like Pashca or Manumission - the Addicted Craze sounds is fuelled with pumping rhythm sections and exceedingly catchy hooks for clubland.

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Daagard & MoraneBack in 2002 the two House / Electro House music DJ/producers Danny Daagard and Steve Morane started their collaboration in order to unite their ideas of music creation. It was a very promising decision to build a partnership between these two innovative minds. Both have been into music since their youth and played different instruments…until they got in touch and fell in love with electronic music. So their future works were based on wanting to influence the dance music scene and amuse clubbers and fans worldwide.

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Deejay Advance Deejay Advance is a 24-year old obsessive music producer and DJ from Carinthia. He’s currently based in Vienna. As a DJ he covers just about all electronic styles - from house, electro, trance, hands up, to Hardstyle, Hardcore. His versatile and upbeat sets have made him a very popular club scene DJ.

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Hard House DJ and producer GiornoGiorno is the German Hard House and Electro House DJ and Producer Enrico Di Giorno. Barely in his 20s, has his talent has produced a string of hits that have stormed the Central European dance charts through a number of popular compilation CD series (Future Trance, Hardbass Chapter, Technobase.fm Clubinvasion and Tunnel Trance Force to name but a few.)

Like many a talented producer, he was spoon fed music from an early age. As he grew older he started experimenting with sounds, feeding his musical taste buds with different beats and rhythms. It wasn't too much of a leap when he bought his first keyboard as a teenager and started playing around with his own sounds. Growing up in Germany during an era of electronica dominated by Ministry of Sound, Cream, Gatecrasher and Hed Kandi – the early electro house and euro house sounds were bound to have an influence.

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Ken Newby as MekenStarting out DJ ing in the back room of a huge club in the North East of England in the 90s, filling it every weekend with people looking for brand new upfront music every week saw the beginning of many successful years of DJ-ing across the North of England holding long term residencies in the biggest Clubs, playing to crowds of up to 3000 people at a time and is still. 

The single "Sanfransisko" is out on 7 June 2013

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Electro House music DJ & Producer LaangaPassionate about electronic music, Electro House producer & DJ Laanga has been a musician since his early childhood. Rocking the keyboard, and various other music instruments, music was a hobby he thoroughly enjoyed. Whenever he got the opportunity to make music, he did. When he hit his teens, he started experimenting with countless production methods in creating his own songs and sounds.

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Electro House Artists - more

  • Madison
  • Miradey
  • Sam Walkertone
  • Sonera

Madison - hard electro house DJ and producerHard vocal electro house

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MiradeyMiradey is electro house producer, arranger and composer Alexandre and vocalist Sophie.

Miradey is a dance project which has been swinging its notes since 2006. Today Miradey is more than a group, it's a team which is involved in top German dance projects. A string of hits have graced compilations such as Clubstyle Essentials, Dance Trips, the popular Tunnel Trance Force series, DJ Networx series and Deep Dance series.

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Sam Walkertone - Electro House producerThis 20-something electro house producer grew up in a time when the European dance scene started to explode, producing new sound after new sound. Sam’s the first to say he was spoilt for choice when thinking about the sounds that inspired him. 

A passionate Eurodance and Euro House fan, he listened to everything he could get his hands. When it came to producing his own sounds, he kept coming back to his initial love of Eurodance and House.

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Sonera - Hard House ProducerSonera is German hard house DJ and Producer Sascha Knodel. Another young talent from the German label Worcaholix Records(an imprint of Central Stage of Music), Sonera has produced a number of hits through popular compilation CD series (Future Trance, Tunnel Trance Force, Cream of House and Fantasy Dance Hits to name but a few.)

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Euro House Artists

  • QED

QED - Euro House, Commercial Dance, Electro House & Trance musicThe Euro House / Electro House / Trance crossover act QED consists of chart-topping producer Valentin and vocalist Kristine Hendricks. Artist, writer and producer Valentin is the mastermind behind QED. Having taken the world by storm with his hit remix of Deborah Cox's "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven" and his uplifting remix of the Billboard smash hit "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera (No 1 on Billboard’s Dance Chart with major radio play across Europe).  QED's other member is classically trained Kristine Hendricks, whose soaring lead vocals are a perfect match for Valentin's uplifting production style.

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Progressive House Artists

  • EricM

EricMEric McCallaghan is one of South Africa's most-released house, progressive house and trance music producers. His tracks (under his own label, Beats Me Records) has releases on more than a million printed CDs through 85 compilations, 16 singles, 3 albums and 18 12" vinyl's, with more than 30 songs licensed to international companies.

The secret? Eric writes hooks that are as sharp as a Khoisan spearhead. His rhythms have an exquisite timing that borders almost on the tribal. And he knows how to get the most out of a beat. The genres of trance and progressive house were always going to be a natural outlet for Eric's talents. The synths produce mashed up FX and mayhem one minute, only to be euphoric in the next. Eric’s tracks are many things – but never predictable. Add superb vocal talents to the mix, and you get tracks that work on every level. The vibe can be as hard as a set wave’s pit or as warm as the South African Bergwind.

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