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Euro House music

Our Euro House and Eurodance tracks are another genre that has consistently delivered club and radio hits for us over the years. So what's the appeal? Rich melodic vocals (we’re suckers for superb vocals!) mixed with cutting-edge synths, strong bass rhythms and melodic hooks. We love how our artists play around with the genre, mixing things up with a bit of techno or a bit of trance or the occasional world 'trippy hippy' vibe. And yes, the occasional nod to the days of Hi-NRG and Disco too for a bit of fun. Play it loud. Play it proud.

Euro House Artists

  • QED

QED - Euro House, Commercial Dance, Electro House & Trance musicThe Euro House / Electro House / Trance crossover act QED consists of chart-topping producer Valentin and vocalist Kristine Hendricks. Artist, writer and producer Valentin is the mastermind behind QED. Having taken the world by storm with his hit remix of Deborah Cox's "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven" and his uplifting remix of the Billboard smash hit "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera (No 1 on Billboard’s Dance Chart with major radio play across Europe).  QED's other member is classically trained Kristine Hendricks, whose soaring lead vocals are a perfect match for Valentin's uplifting production style.

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