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Progressive House and Tech House music

Our Progressive House and Tech House tracks tend to have an underground house vibe. They undeniably tip in on the heavier side of things. Dark, deeply delicious, intense and emotional are the usual adjectives applied to our prog house and tech house releases. We love our artists' ability to fuse finely chiselled samples with deceptively melodic melodies, driving bass, emotion and pulsating energy. They excel at taking natural and synthesized sounds and distorting, slicing, and dicing them into unrecognizable shapes. Through this, we've crafted a signature progressive house and tech house style.

Progressive House Artists

  • EricM

EricMEric McCallaghan is one of South Africa's most-released house, progressive house and trance music producers. His tracks (under his own label, Beats Me Records) has releases on more than a million printed CDs through 85 compilations, 16 singles, 3 albums and 18 12" vinyl's, with more than 30 songs licensed to international companies.

The secret? Eric writes hooks that are as sharp as a Khoisan spearhead. His rhythms have an exquisite timing that borders almost on the tribal. And he knows how to get the most out of a beat. The genres of trance and progressive house were always going to be a natural outlet for Eric's talents. The synths produce mashed up FX and mayhem one minute, only to be euphoric in the next. Eric’s tracks are many things – but never predictable. Add superb vocal talents to the mix, and you get tracks that work on every level. The vibe can be as hard as a set wave’s pit or as warm as the South African Bergwind.

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