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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Minimal music

The thing that we love most about quality Minimal EDM music is the challenge producers face in giving stripped down tracks personality and charisma. The minimal experience doesn’t have to be like listening to paint dry or a four hour lectures on sub-atomic particle attraction. Cool, sultry, evocative and groovy – the minimalism we’ve signed means something to us. We hope you enjoy the sounds as much as we do.


Since his childhood, Minimal, Goa & Psytrance producer Christoph Allemann (a.k.a Timeliner) has been fascinated with the world of synthesizers and electronic sounds.

In his early days, he composed his own songs and had fun to playing them to audiences at school.

In 1995 the upcoming techno-scene in Switzerland inspired him to do some live-acts at Goa-parties with what was then some pretty basic equipment: a ROLAND TB 303, MC 202, TR 808 and a Clavia Nordlead. These helped him to discover his musical orientation.
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