29 Jun, 2015
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Psytrance music at Aardvark Records

Psytrance for Aardvark is all about hypnotic arrangements, deep and tribal rhythms, intricate layered melodies and high tempo riffs. Our psytrance artists cover a variety of moods, tempos and styles. You'll find a mix of full on psy as well as dark, progressive, suomi, psybreaks and psybient sounds. Our love of psytrance is based on its energy, PLUR, the underlying narrative – and the journey this genre music takes us on. So plug in and play – it's magic carpet time.

Jeff Alford - Psytrance DJ & Producer2006 was the year that saw Psytrance DJ and Producer Jeff Alford break out into the international dance music scene with his album "Heart of Trance" and his award winning video to the album's first single "Visions in Space".  However, his story started much earlier.
1998 was the year when Alford was part of a Hip-Hop band called Little Buddha in Lebanon. The experience gave Alford the confidence he needed to go solo. In 2002, after intensively studying the recording arts in America, Alford released his debut album "Down To Earth".   The 30 track Hard Trance/Hard House) double album was released through his own Jamixart Productions label.


Krash Kourse - Hard Psytrance ProducerThe whole hard and progressive Psytrance 'Krash Kourse' concept came about rather recently. Although the producer, Yuto Nagayama, had been making Psytrance tunes for years, he wasn’t concerned with putting any sort of label or name to the project. He was in an experimental stage and all he wanted to do was make some heavy beats, and just have a good time. As the project evolved, specific genre brackets and artist names started to emerge out of the woodwork. He settled on the name of the album project 'Krash Kourse' for one specific reason... 


Timeliner - Goa, Psytrance & Minimal ProducerSince his childhood, Goa and Psytrance producer Christoph Allemann (a.k.a Timeliner) has been fascinated with the world of synthesizers and electronic sounds.

In his early days, he composed his own songs and had fun to playing them to audiences at school.

In 1995 the upcoming techno-scene in Switzerland inspired him to do some live-acts at Goa-parties with what was then some pretty basic equipment: a ROLAND TB 303, MC 202, TR 808 and a Clavia Nordlead. These helped him to discover his musical orientation.


Zetan Spore - live Psytrance actZetan Spore was originally formed in West Cornwall, UK by Ian Hasdell in 1995. After being inspired by psychedelic rock in the late 80's and it's evolution into early dance acts such as Eat Static and Astralasia - and then by the birth of psytrance in the first half of the 90's - Ian bought a second hand Amiga 1200 computer and started arranging samples to form his own style of psychedelic dance music.

After releasing his first album, "Alien Frequencies" in 1996 and getting some more equipment, his twin brother Mark came on board, playing guitar and didgeridoo to form their unique synergistic partnership.


Psytrance videos