Big bubbling acid lines, darker edged riff-work, wild U-turns, broken beats, aural non- sequiturs and ballsy samples seem to be the hallmarks of hard trance here at Aardvark Dance HQ. Like our other genres of music, we don’t like being spoon-fed music. And we certainly don’t dig sounds that we’ve heard before. We like to explore, take a gamble and sign the occasional artist that takes us out of our comfort zone. Hard trance does that and more for us. So if you dig listening to tracks where you have no idea where they’re going to go – or where they’re going to take you – then this is definitely the place for you.

Hard Trance & Cyber Trance

Yuto - Hard Trance / Cyber Trance producer20 year old half Japanese and half English Hard Trance / Cyber Trance Producer Yuto Nagayama producer hailing from Japan. He started creating music at the age of 16. While he had no formal music production education, he knew that he wanted to create music for as many people as would listen. So he studied up on how DJ's make music, and found a program that suited his purposes. He downloaded a demo version of 'Fruity Loops' and started messing around with the knobs and modulators until he created something that sounded vaguely like real music. Ever since that time, creating music on computer has become his passion.

Yuto's not opposed to creating tunes in any genre - Trance, Rock, Classical, Funk, Thrash Metal, Breakbeat, Hip-Hop or R & B.  He's always looking to broaden his horizons.  Club music remains one of his main loves.