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Here at Aardvark HQ we’ve been fans of Trance music since the Year Dot. We close our eyes, think of those early, early days…and smile. With all those loyal of years of following this genre, it takes something special to register on our radar…and for us to sign it. It’s not just the technical wizardry, or the hands in the air moments, or that certain loved-up vibe – it’s also about the story telling for us. A great Trance track has to tell a damn good story and take us on a fabulous journey. So let our artists take you on a trip, a beautiful little trip and, hopefully like us, it will leave you smiling.

Euphoric & Uplifting Trance

Duneflyer - Uplifting Trance music producerThomas Allemann a.k.a Duneflyer was born in Solothurn, Switzerland, where he grew up. Duneflyer started making music when he was 14.

He was inspired by French electronic music composer, Jean Michel Jarre, and wished to become a great electronic music producer like Jarre.

Destiny however paved the way towards aeronautical industry. Years after he became an Airline pilot, he lives and works currently in Doha, Qatar - the middle east, as a wide body aircraft Commander. Apart from traveling around the world, he produces dance music in his home studio.


Front - Uplifting Trance music producerTrance producer Pavel Popov (aka ZOOM) is the head of trance-project FRONT.  He's a native of Berdsk, a small town in the middle of Siberia.

Some of his earliest music-related memories involve listening to Boney M and Cerrone.  His father bought and played records like these in secret- all Western music was forbidden in the USSR during this time.   As a child he knew he wanted to work with music.

He started the electronica group All or Anything in 1990.  This group played in Russian discos.  He became a member of the famed Russian group Culture Bunker in 1992 as a keyboardist and programmer.   Culture Bunker infused electro sounds with elements from Eastern music – leading to the founding of индуистской philosophies. International recognition came with the release of their 'Kalka The Warrior' album in 1994, released on Venture Beyond Records (Los Angeles).


Jason Sean - Trance music producerTrance music producer Jason Sean got his first keyboard lessons at the age of five. These were his first experiences with music. The more he learned about music the more he was fascinated by it.

As he grew older, he discovered a multitude of musical styles and he was determined to turn his passion for music into a profession. He diligently studied audio-engineering after school in order to fine tune his natural affinity and ability for production and audio-engineering; basically the technical aspect of making music. As Jason says; "I wanted to learn how to make a 'good' sound".

He knew that making music consists of 2 basic subjects:  music itself and the technical nuts and bolts of putting tracks together. He wanted to create his own sounds, he wanted to acquire the abilities to program and modulate sounds, to mix and consciously master his music… and learn how to critically evaluate and assess his 'sound'.  In between, he made some tracks in different styles: orchestral music and electronic music.


YahelWho would have guessed Yahel would move up so far in one year. The number 28 DJ in the World as voted by his fans, Yahel is a versatile artist with influences and techniques ranging throughout the Trance spectrum, Yahel’s music resides in a lush synthesis of Club effects, Deep Trance beats, and psychedelia from the Goa scene. As evident from his newly appointed number on the DJ List Yahel knows just how important his hard work, and fans are in making his career as successful as it has been.

After producing six artist albums, mixing three compilations, and releasing dozens of vinyls. Yahel has established himself as one of the most popular and talented producers/DJ’s to have come from the Israeli Electronic scene. The same scene that gave the world groups like Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom, and Atomic Pulse. Yahel has bridged all these groups with his music bringing ravers and clubbers together under his musical banner. He has the unique distinction of being a rare artist who has been able to achieve critical and commercial success in the European Club scene as well as the Goa/Israeli Psy scene.

Yahel is widely respected, and has found success with major labels like Sony/BMG. He has also collaborated with Konami and Namco licensing his music for a variety of their video games. Recently Yahel’s music took to the air literally as El-Al began offering his DJ set on the in flight entertainment. Some of the other labels he has been involved with are Black Hole, Cyber, Tsunami, and Fundamental (with many more to follow.)