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Sunday, July 05, 2015
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Progressive rock music at Aardvark Records

Progressive rock is arguably the ultimate form of non-pop music. Off-the-wall, anarchic, free-form and fuelled by individualism, it’s one of our guilty pleasures. As a genre, it’s not bounded by convention, structure, tradition. What will you find here? You’ll find prog rock music that is first and foremost compelling to listen to. Any underlying deeply intellectual themes, philosophies or concepts add subtlety and depth to the experience – the proverbial icing on the cake. So you get not only get music that’s good to listen to – it’s music that can also be thought provoking, something for you to explore. For us, great prog rock is successful at getting deeper concepts across to the listener in a way that is subtle, compelling and set to great music.


Contemporary Celtic folk but taken to another level achieved, largely, by dragging traditional instruments into the nineties. To that add beautiful lyrics and melodies and enhanced by the individuality of the bands members”.

Lordryk was formed by three brothers - Andy, Paul and Tim Ashton, formerly with the Cornish band Moondragon. So it should come as no surprise that Lordryk is the Cornish word for Moondragon.

Lordryk hit the road and became an instant success, touring in the UK and mainland Europe where they built up huge fan bases. Lordryk was asked back to the Loriant Celtic Festival four years in a row - unusual, even for a top act, to be asked back more than twice. Lordryk continued to headline at festivals and major venues and the occasional support. Notably Lordryk supported The Levellers during a tour of Holland.
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Proudly psychedelic pagan, progressive punk, space rock, reggae amalgam, with some really nice guitar work and folk influences. Classic material infused with a driving energy and mushroom power.

The Clectic Rock band Mondragon was formed at the end of the 80s by three brothers – Andy, Paul and Tim Ashton. The equally highly talented drummer Richard Austin was the drummer.

The quickly became Cornwall’s premier band and were soon travelling up-country to perform. The release of the 'Dream' album greatly enhanced their reputation and they began to support name bands.

In the early 90s Richard left the band. The search for a drummer of equal talent became prolonged. Thus songs appeared but proved to be  more folk based in nature.  The band Lordryk becamse the result of the shift in musical direction. Richard Mulryne was joined up as the new drummer and Moondragon were up and running once more.
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The Is

The Is
The Is. A "Space Reggae" band formed in Cornwall in the early 90's. Popular at the time but now sadly "resting". However I was listening to our masters and felt like they hadn't aged too badly, so I decided to share them with whomever would like to hear them. Read the Full Story