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Soul music at Aardvark doesn’t feature singers shaking their booties in skin tight outfits with repetitive machine-manufactured sounds and beats. Nor is it sex for sex’s sake. With its roots firmly buried in gospel and rhythm & blues, our soul music is bursting with passion. It's about personal experiences deep inside that are just aching to get out. There's an undying, eagerness in the expression. It's like the singers and writers have reached that point where they can’t hold their thoughts and feelings in anymore. 

The passion and emotion is perfectly coupled with lyrics that ache from the depths of one person’s heart. It’s a shared experience. 

Our reggae releases are no less passionate. We love the variety of styles and influences - and the constant reinventions. 

So while our soul and reggae roster may be tiny, we’re proud of the artists we’ve signed. We hope you come to love their vision and their talents as much as we do.

Benny Tetteh-Lartey

Benny Tetteh-Lartey
Scottish folk singer-songwriter & Reggae artist Benny Tetteh-Lartey  played bass guitar & was vocalist in top Edinburgh band Makossa from 1987 to 1991. He's toured Scotland, recorded film tracks for short film "Salome" by Lucy Enfield (sister of screen writer and comedian Harry Enfield).  He's also played bass guitar and backing vocals for Dave Robb & The Filmmakers from 1991 to 1992.

He's also toured in Berlin and northern Germany and fronted BTL as bass playing vocalist 1992 to 1994 along with Phil McGowan, Killian Steele and John Mathieson.

Benny became a solo artist in 1995. He adapted the 12 string acoustic guitar bought for him by his father into an 8 string and coined the phrase "Afro Scot Rock".  He completed his first BTL album "Don’t be Sad" in 1998, sharing centre stage with acclaimed singer songwriter Nick Harper (son of legendary Roy Harper) at London's Twelve Bar in 1999.
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Kym Franklin

Kym Franklin
The incomparable and beautiful Kym Franklin is a soul and gospel music singer with considerable experience as a powerful and versatile vocalist. Kym has performed throughout Europe, Jamaica and the U.S. sharing the stage with the O'Jays, Chuck Berry, Jesse Dixon, Al Green, Taylor Dayne and Bill Cosby. She has also provided background vocals for R. Kelly. Kym is a talent that is demand for stages, studios and vocal coaching. Following on from writing popular radio tracks for Satya Graha, BB Mayes began writing a catalogue of songs which were unlike anything he had written before in terms of style and subject matter. The songs were originally intended for what was to be a follow-up album for Satya Graha. Read the Full Story

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  • To celebrate Benny Tetteh-Lartey being played every 15 minutes in a UK Caffe Nero....we're running a little competition. Win a free Benny Tetteh-Lartey "See The Wonder" CD. Answer the following question (please post your answer on Twitter!!!): "What Benny Tetteh-Lartey song goes perfectly with your favorite Caffe Nero cuppa...and why?" You must include the hash tag #BennyTetteh in your answer. The competition closes Midnight tonight (GMT). We'll print out all the answers, put them in the ole goldfish bowl, and pick one. Have fun!

  • We love Benny's blend of Afro Celtic roots folk with a dash of Reggae and African world music for added spice. We love his music...and his work ethic continues to blow us away. The last couple of weeks have seen well well-earned rewards for his artistry, business nous and ability to network like nobody's business (pun intended!). So what's been cooking with our favourite Edinburgh son? Click the link to see what he's been up to and who he's been talking to:

  • No UK tour would be complete without a stop in Scotland, a country steeped in a rich musical heritage. And one of Edinburgh’s own, the acclaimed and award-wining folk and reggae artist Benny Tetteh-Lartey, will be opening for the legendary Joan Armatrading when she pays Glasgow a visit in October.

  • The award-winning Scottish Folk singer-songwriter Benny Tetteh-Lartey has won this year's G-Technology Driven Creativity Award in the Professional Music Category. The Hitachi Europe sponsored event celebrates the best in innovation in the creative arts. ...

  • Talented musician Benny Tetteh-Lartey has combined his love for guitar, mandolin and bandurria by building his own unique instrument – the Combuitar. He's handcrafted the unusual device himself, and incorporated 18 strings and three necks into just one instrument....

  • En pleno síndrome post-vacacional recuperamos nuestro espíritu viajero y descubridor para aventurarnos en un nuevo trayecto en busca del deleite acústico. En ésta, nuestra sexta etapa, visitamos las oficinas del sello inglés Aardvark Records, una discográfica especializada en música electrónica y rock pop indie, que ahora apuesta (y fuerte) por un grupo de soul encabezado por una prodigiosa voz, originaria de Chicago (Illinois, Estados Unidos): Kym Franklin & The Cleft Way. Smooth soul con tintes oldies, gospel y ritmos electrónicos cercanos al nu jazz se alternan con otros de corte más clásico e incluso con alguna que otra licencia al folk más indie en su último larga duración: “Spiritual Soul Goddess”. Espiritualidad en clave de soul.

  • Kym Franklin and Aardvark Records have teamed up for the release of the soul album "Spiritual Soul Goddess" due out worldwide in August 2008.